The Truth About Flying FIRST CLASS (Flying for FREE in Business Class & First Class)

The secret for how I fly for FREE in First Class & Business Class...
How do normal people fly first class for free?
It’s not just because they’re “rich”. The real reason is actually rather simple: They take advantage of their credit card miles.
If you can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a credit card that gives you lots of rewards, then you can accrue huge amounts of miles. This is what you call “credit card churning.”
However, doing this will require you to spend thousands of dollars on a credit card (which obviously, not everyone has the luxury of doing). That is why you need to be able to spend lots of money on the credit card, without actually “losing” that money or “spending” it in the traditional way.
And how do you do that? By using an American Express Explorer Card (AMEX). For those who don’t know, AMEX is a type of credit card that rewards you with flight miles each time you spend money on the card.
For example, let’s say you wanted to fly from New York to Singapore. If you booked this flight in cash it would cost you $10,759.72 (Pretty darn expensive, right?). However, with an AMEX card, for every $1 you spend, you earn 2 AMEX points. These can be transferred to Singapore Airlines frequent flyer program, KrisFlyer.
2 AMEX points will get you 1.5 Singapore Krisflyer miles. So that means that if you spend $80,000 on your American Explorer Card, you’ll get 160,000 AMEX points, which if you transferred to Singapore Airlines - would be 120,000 Miles!
“But Sarah”, you might say, “I’m not even rich enough to be able to spend $80,000 on a credit card?!”.
But being “rich” enough to spend $80,000 from your own pocket is far from the case when learning to fly free.
In fact, there’s a much, much smarter solution: building a business that allows you to spend money on your credit card, to make money back!
When building a business - let’s say an AliExpress dropshipping store - there’s a number of expenses you’ll need to pay for: Shopify, Facebook advertising, plus the items you’ll be purchasing from AliExpress and selling for a higher price in your store.
The great thing is, all of these expenses can be paid with a credit card! The easiest and most effective way to build up free flight miles, without having to spend thousands of dollars yourself.
That means if you were spending $10,000 per month on expenses on a credit card, you’d also earn an additional 20,000 AMEX points. And if we transfer those to Singapore Airlines, we’d be earning 15,000 miles with them each month.
Over a year, that would be 180,000 points. And 180,000 points gets us 1 ½ first class flights from the New York to Singapore - the equivalent of over $16,000 in FREE premium flights.
The reality is: When you go to a job, you spend your time to make money - but get zero reward for this. But with a business, you focus on spending your MONEY to make money instead. And this DOES get rewarded. It gets rewarded with free travel around the world!

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  • There are some credit cards that have a free business or first class ticket included in the card memership for the person you fly with-totally worth the card fee . Also the airlines have shopping websites that have miles per dollar 10, 15 or sometimes more points per dollar for some retailers.... If you charge everything on a card-gas, food, clothes, medical, sometimes even rent, etc. You will rake up miles as well, maybe it would take longer to get that free first class/business ticket, but doable. Also there are hybrid tickets with miles and dollars, so you can use the miles to upgrade your basic ticket you purchased cash.

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