Galaxy S20 Ultra: First 20 Things To Do

In this video we are taking a look at several Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, and Galaxy S20 Ultra tips and tricks and going over the first 20 things to do as soon as you get your device! This is definitely a longer video so make sure to grab yourself a drink and a snack in order to prepare yourself for all of the Galaxy S20 goodness I'm about to go over. Many of these also apply to other Galaxy devices so even if you don't have an S20, S20+, or an S20 Ultra these tips and tricks could possibly still benefit you! If you want to see a Galaxy S20 ultra unboxing or a Galaxy S20 unboxing let me know. Make sure to stay tuned for Galaxy S20 Ultra camera videos including my Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max. I have a ton more Samsung Galaxy S20 tips and tricks as well as Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra tips and tricks. Lastly, let me know if you want to see a S20 vs S10 and I'll make sure I get to it!
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:30 - Protection
1:53 - Storage Expansion
2:43 - Dark Mode
3:18 - Security and Privacy
5:03 - Display Adjustment
8:40 - Dolby Atmos
9:30 - Customization
12:10 - Adjusting Home Screen and App Drawer
16:29 - Customize Status Bar
17:29 - Wifi Calling and VoLTE
18:40 - Galaxy Store and Exclusives
19:06 - Call and Text On Other Devices
19:34 - Windows Link
19:50 - Samsung Pay
20:28 - Customizing Side Key
20:46 - Adjust Screenshot Settings
21:10 - One Handed Mode
22:03 - Disable Samsung Daily
22:21 - Battery and Power Management
25:03 - Customizing The Edge Screen
25:28 - Camera
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    • A complete camera exhaustive manual

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    • this may be dumb but my 10 you could press screen to unlock my 20 you have to press power key??why is home button gone or isn't it////

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    • Rocking $11 case on a $1,400-1,600 phone, that's just asking for trouble. I always rock Otterbox Defender series cases on all my phones. I rather have maximum protection vs being able to see my phone color.

    • I'd love to see the security and privacy video you mentioned, I've got my Ultra arriving later this week

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    • Many of these same things are applicable to the S20 Plus

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  • S20+ Is better than Ultra version More confortable

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  • First thing is to get rid of Samsung, samcrap Samsung sucks, still no auto focus yet on a s20 ultra?? My iPhone takes better pics and vids 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕Samsung s20 ultra all hyped and hyped price too

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  • The problem is you can't set your SD card as default

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  • First of all- PACKAGE DISABLER PRO. Install and disable bloatwares. Even battery is 4500 mAh, is not enough! It can not hold 12 hrs of middle usage. Also disable the most reasons for battery drainage-- DIGITAL WELLBEING and Samsung Dex and Bixby. Did this on my S20+, and improved battery life.

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  • Camera of ultra is absolutely pathetic on exynos.absolute waste of money.plz don’t buy this phone

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  • Hi Jonathan this is my first galaxy 20 ultra only out in March...can you help me with anti virus and cleaners , whats best to run on my phone I'm so scared to go on anything in case I get a virus or block my phone many thanks

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    • It actually has a built in anti-virus app! Check out my video here and see if it helps:

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  • I have been using this phone for 2 weeks and here's my review: Battery has been great. For an average phone user that spends a lot of time watching AR-too and Netflix, and lots of social media, the battery lasts me nearly a day. I get 8 hours of on screen time on the phone and I do not take my charger home after work on the weekdays. This is with 120 Refresh Rate on and the brightness above 50% for most of the part. When watching AR-too, obviously it's very close to 100%, if not at 100%. The fingerprint scanner is not that great. My Google Pixel 2 XL had the BEST fingerprint scanner I've ever used on a smart phone. A slight touch on it and my phone would look. With this phone, you have to REALLY hold down on it, and sometimes it does not work. The screen is gorgeous. It's Samsung so you expect the quality to be great and it is. The punch hole on top people cry about, I barely ever notice it's there until I look for it. The build feels very solid. You could knock someone out with it as it does weigh a lot, due to the glass on front and back and a beautiful, monster battery. It feels premium. I was expecting the camera to be the best. That's why I bought it. Samsung claims it'll make a you wanna take more photos/videos but THAT IS NOT THE CASE AT ALL. My LG V20 took better photos. I use Pixel 2 XL to take photos instead of this $1400 phone with new sensors/software. The video isn't that great because the focus is still a big issue, for videos and pictures. The pictures this phone takes, I could get that from a $400 phone. If you want to buy the phone with a camera, stick with Pixel lineup or the new iPhones. It makes me mad now that I'm writing about how bad the camera is. South Koreans have the latest update on the auto-focus but the quality is not that great either. My brother's S10+ takes much better photos than this Galaxy Ultra S20 I have! Definitely buy a protective case and screen protector. It's worth spending extra $50 for protection. It was water proof. It has been "toilet drop" tested, not on purpose of course. I wiped it with alcohol layers after layers with tissue and so far there has been no issues with speakers and touchscreen sensitivity. Is this worth $1400? Absolutely not. I DO love the big screen that looks incredible, and I DO love the powerful speakers, and the battery life is just simply amazing. You are able to customize it exactly to your liking, on the home screen, lock screen, and Always On Display. I have the Always On Display and the battery still doesn't go to 0% after 24 hours, idle or not. The $1400 price tag is there for the so-called the best camera on the back, which is beaten hands down by Pixel 2 XL that has an older processor/sensor. I could've had a similar experience with S20+ and not pay that much. I gave up on the camera/video and try to forget the phones can be used for camera. This phone will not make you enjoy photography. Again, I pull my Pixel 2 XL phone out to take pictures, so this phone is worth it if you want to enjoy a new phone experience.

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  • Any way to force all icons to be one shape on oneUI 2?

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