Do Airlines Make Money From First Class?

Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and American Airlines make a lot of their money at the front of the plane. A strong economy and industry consolidation has allowed the airlines, in recent years, to invest in more fuel efficient planes with better cabins focusing on premium classes. One focus has been rethinking business class. First class internationally and on some key domestic routes has become a hybrid of first and business class.
As of November 2019, if you wanted to book a first class round trip flight on Emirates from JFK to Dubai at the last minute it could cost you over $23,000.
Flying from New York to Mumbai? Etihad Airways offers a three-room luxury suite called The Residence which features a private bathroom, a private living room and a personal butler. Flying round trip on Etihad for that flight could be over $36,000.
And, for about $3,000, American Airlines Flagship First fliers can go from New York to Los Angeles with access to an exclusive check-in area and premium wines in the flagship lounge.
While the airlines make a significant amount of money packing people into coach like cattle, premium cabins like business and first class are still a major source of income for U.S carriers.
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Do Airlines Make Money From First Class?

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  • First class isn’t worth it for domestic flights. International flights? HELL YEAH. Gimme that lie-flat any day of the week. Use travel points and watch for mistake fares and it’s more affordable.

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  • This is also a good video related to this topic!

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  • They really have a crisis in this sector, you can't not being 10 years profitable records and file bankruptcy the next year. There is a serious problem with the airline industry.

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  • Answer: No they dont

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  • So it says on the video that airlines had a 10 year long high profitability. This video was 7 months ago. With COVID19, I think airlines will be dwindling in size and also a lot will be filing for bankruptcy as nobody will risk air travel for many years to come until this virus either dies off or if a vaccine is developed at all.

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